Saturday, October 25, 2008

Northern California Borders and Dimensions

After finishing Great Destinations Kauai (Countryman Press, Dec 08), I was offered the chance to write Northern California: An Explorer's Guide. Living in San Francisco for the past 6.5 years and traveling all over the state made the gig easy to accept--add to that having a one year old son and a six month deadline, which make the summer a hectic treat.  

To start, I had to work out what exactly is Northern California. I began the hunt by searching other guidebooks and strangely all the Northern California books included places that I would never consider in the region--Santa Barbara, Kings Canyon, and even Bakersfield. So I created an honest border. Basically I asked where people in the northern part of the state can easily travel to. And so my book covers from Big Sur to Yosemite all the way to the Oregon border. 

In this blog you'll find up to date advice on the best spots throughout the Northern  part of California, personal experiences traveling with a one year old son, highlights from my research, excellent romantic getaways, the best beaches and honest information about the region. 

Oh, and the guidebook comes out May 1, 09. 


OBT said...

Here's the new template for your blog!

ali said...

i love it!!! i will love to follow you bloggy blog!

Rick said...

Good luck with the Blog. I look forward to seeing your NorCal guidebook in May.

Rick Spear
Blue Heron Custom Tours and Travel

Eden Umble said...

Can't wait to read the book! thanks for letting me know about the blog.

If you can, bring your lovely hubby & baby up for the Tractor Parade on Dec. 6 - it's unbelievably fun.