Wednesday, March 11, 2009

On the Hunt For Bigfoot

Northern California has its share of oddities. Amphibious sculpture races, a giant Paul Bunyan, a Pez museum, a house that defies gravity, more naked people than you want to see, pillow fights, pie fights...

Lately I have wondered whether the two tributes to Bigfoot--one in Felton and one in Willow Creek--should be highlighted on that list. Sure the big illusive one deserves a space for his star to shine, but is he quirky enough? I'll let you decide.

As the Bigfoot Discovery Museum says, "They want to flesh out the hairy guy’s dossier.” In other words, this museum exhibits sightings, hoaxes and all things related to the big old dude supposedly living in many forests. Free. (831-335-4478; 5497 Hwy 9, Felton. Open at least Wed-Fri 1-6 and weekends 11-6.

China Flat Bigfoot Museum showcases plenty of memorabilia of times gone by, but the main attraction here is the Bigfoot collection that recently got released to the public for viewing. Free. (530-629-2653; Hwy 299 & Hwy 96, Willow Creek. Open Wed- Sun, 10 to 4, mid-Apr-late Oct.

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