Friday, March 12, 2010

Last Minute Spring Break Ideas

As spring break approaches, many families scramble to come up with a plan. Many of us yearn to jet off to tropical strands, while others plot endless snowy days capped off my hot tubs, hot toddies and exhausted kiddos. Here's my list of Northern California spring break ideas for families and the young at heart.

1. Take the kids to Wine Country. Sure moms and dads prefer to get sloshed without Little Timmy's constant whining, but I've found that my kid loves traveling to the country--and what better country to explore than one that promises insanely good food and world class vino?

Favorite destinations with kids include Sonoma's MacArthur Place, Calistoga's Calistoga Hot Springs Spa. For more info on Wine Country travel with kids click here.

2. Head to the beach. Though you probably won't be graced with endless sunny days to bake in the rays, you can wander through tidepools, hiking trails, and chill out with books and balls. My current favorite NorCal beachy getaways include Point Reyes, Pacific Grove, and Arcata.

3. Go Glamping: OK, this might have been a fad from a decade ago, but that doesn't mean it's not a blast to take the family into a plush tent to sleep in a fancy bed, while getting the perks of sleeping under canvas. My favorite spots include Safari West, Costanoa, El Capitan Canyon in Santa Barbara and Big Basin.

4. Hit the slopes. While the masses head for Tahoe, why not motor up Hwy 4 to Bear Valley or make the trek up to Mt Shasta for some stellar scenery to boot. The slopes cost way less and have way less folks slipping and sliding on them.

5. Stay home and make a weekend out of it. Instead of heading off to explore other places, why not enjoy a full fledged vacation at home. Try out new restaurants, check out a museum, and do the touristy stuff you often ignore. If you need some ideas and have an i-anything, Download this.

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