Monday, December 8, 2008

Some Spectacular Deals

I just learned about some hotel deals that you should all take advantage of. With the economy making folks afraid to go on vacation, some of Nor Cal's finest properties are offering deals that I have never seen before. Check it out.

The Cottages of Napa Valley (, usually one of Napa's most pricy properties, is offering three nights in Dec-Feb for $495--total. This is one of the best deals I have ever seen for this property. Get in now while you can.

Hotel Healdsburg ( has recently offered $100 off a night if you stayed with them in the last year.

Asilomar (, the most beautiful conference center resort in the central coast, is ofering significant deals to stay at the lodge, including the $159 bed, breakfast and dinner deal (put in the code: BEDANDDINE).

Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite ( is one of the most beautiful in winter and has some serious holiday packages, including a $330 a night room that include 2 hour a day entertainment for the kids.

In addition, local San Franciscans can score on some serious dining deals. Head to to see the list of restaurants offering dining packages and yummy treats for a steal.

Let me know if you hear of more.

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Alison Stout said...

Hotel Healdsburg is also offering
a "stay one night, get the second night half off" special.