Monday, January 5, 2009


Ever since Michael Bauer, the food critic at the San Francisco Chronicle, started singing the praises of Beretta, the newly opened Italian restaurant that took over the Last Supper Club location in the Mission, I have been aching to visit. I had also read about the libations that bring hordes of hipsters to the bar. Let me tell you here and now: Beretta is worth a visit.

Start with a funky drink that might include egg whites, honey, rye or even absinthe--in fact let that be your appetizer, since often your cocktail doesn't show up until after you food and the appetizers aren't the highlight. Go straight for a risotto and a pizza. My favorite was the squid ink risotto and the margarita pizza with barrata cheese. I'd recommend filling up on the main course and skipping the dessert--especially since BiRite Creamery is a short walk away.

Also note that they don't take reservations (except for big parties). Plus the service isn't the best in the city. And it is cramped in there. But the pizza is so good you probably won't mind.

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